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Katie Mullumby

being a healthy role model for my 4 year old son
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Client from Pyrmont

Before Katie Mullumby (before)
After Katie Mullumby (after)

I joined Vision Personal Training in September 2015 with the aim of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, being a healthy role model for my 4 year old son and being able to match his energy levels. I had tried a number of weight loss programs which focused on calorie counting alone which ultimately  encouraged me to just eat less of the poor food choices I was making. In addition I was back at my desk job with exercise only playing an incidental role in my day to day life. Vision has taught me what good nutrition really is and my PT Jerome has coached me all the way through to help me understand my macros and what the best food choices are for me for each time of the day. I have been able to get myself organised, plan food that I enjoy for the day and head off to work with a breaky in my tummy that will set me up for the day, some tasty snacks that I can take with me wherever I am in the office and a healthy lunch all of which will keep me alert and energised until dinner time.  


Since joining Vision I have lost 9kg which has exceeded any expectations I had and my physical fitness levels are a 100% improvement on where I was 7 or 8 months ago. My weight loss and revitalised energy levels make me smile! I ran 4kms in 20mins in the Mother's Day Classic this year which still astounds me and I am now looking to run in the City to Surf. I honestly look forward to each PT session and the studio setting means that you feel welcome every time you set foot in the door. When I started I thought the acheivement of the weight loss goal would be the end but it is really the beginning. Thank you Jerome and the whole Vision PT Pyrmont team. JJ

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