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Katie Godkin

Lost 16kgs and gained an unimaginable level of confidence
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Client from Double Bay

Before Katie Godkin (before)
After Katie Godkin (after)

When I first started at Vision, I was a bit lost. I was only 17 and I was lacking a lot of confidence. It seemed like I'd been trying to lose weight my whole life and even when I'd been successful, it all came back on so quickly. I was on Facebook one day and an old friends before and after photos popped up on my screen. Not really sure where to turn, I decided it was worth giving a try because nothing I had tried on my own had worked.

In the four years that I've been here, I've achieved so much more than weight loss. I've gotten more out of this gym than I ever expected to, and going to the gym has become a daily ritual that I really enjoy. I'm more confident than I ever thought I could be, and I've got this incredible support system of trainers and clients here that I never thought I needed.

Joining Vision Double Bay has by far been one of the greatest choices I've ever made. There's such an incredible team here, and I have become so invested in this place that I'm now working towards being their next trainer! When I started at Vision, I looked at this gym as a tool to help me lose weight, but it has become like my second home, and I couldn't be happier.

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