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Frank Goddard

In the last 7 months, my life has taken a dramatic U-turn for the better!
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Client from Sylvania

Before Frank Goddard (before)
After Frank Goddard (after)

My journey to a healthier lifestyle began mid-2018. June 2018 was a bit of an epiphany month for me, I found that I was not happy in my own skin (because I had more than I needed!), I was not sleeping well, blood pressure was up and was once asked if I was having a boy or a girl - It was time to do something for my future self. I thought about joining a pop-up gym, maybe sign-up, go a couple of times, throw some weights around, with no clear direction (perhaps spend more time at the Physio than at the Gym). Then after some discussion with the family, Martina (my wonderful wife) reminded me of some the success stories from friends who had been going to Vision at Sylvania.

So, come July 2018 I made the cold call to Vision ((02) 9522 3344), quickly got a call back from a friendly sounding lady called Kate, after some phone tag and appointment changes by me, she got me there for a chat - about 30 minutes later with no hard sell, but an open discussion about why I called I was signed up for 6 months - best half hour spent in 2018 - Thanks Kat.

From there the fun began - In the last 7 months my life has made a dramatic U-turn for the better, I have lost nearly 12 kilos, dropped my bio age by 5 years, improved my visceral fat levels by 4 points and also improved both body fat and skeletal muscle percentages, all of these factors have not just helped with my weight but helped lower my blood pressure problem, improved my sleeping 10 fold ( I'm not called roll over anymore ).

I have also really enjoyed the macro eating programs Vision use to help manage and maintain individualised healthy and achievable goals, I have a whole new appreciation for eating times, frequency and food sources - all while still being able to enjoy a beer or two as well.

What's next for me - As my fitness and wellbeing improve, I find that I have more energy to burn so have started to look at things that I would never have done in the past, so next up a 5 km fun run and then a Spartan event in May 2019 (less than 12 months from the start of my life change).

I was asked to put some these words down for this as an individual success story, but… without the help and support of my Personal Trainer Matty Grant and his passion for teaching the mechanics of training (I find myself now "packing my shoulders" when driving and "hinging" to unpack the dishwasher) the support and enthusiasm from all the other Vision Staff at Sylvania, the other "Visionary's" who make the group sessions such fun and of course my extremely supportive family who have helped and adapted also to the new way of life.

Thanks for the support team Vision!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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