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Emily Grant

"I realised I needed to make a drastic life change."
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Client from Sylvania

Before Emily Grant (before)
After Emily Grant (after)


By the middle of 2016, I had reached my heaviest weight, I was unhappy and it was affecting my personal and professional life. I was struggling to do things that people my age normally could and I was becoming a hermit. I realised I needed to make a drastic life change. In August 2016, I underwent a gastric sleeve operation however that was only the beginning of my weight loss journey. Although I physically couldn't eat as much as I used too, combining healthy eating with an individualized training plan was a crucial element to my success over the past ten months. Having the education on the right foods to eat and being able to undertake a training schedule that caters for my career has given me a new lease on life. Additionally, the accountability and support I received from my Trainer Matt, the Vision Personal Training Sylvania staff and fellow clients made the entire process both successful and positive. Being a part of the Vision team throughout this time has made me not only happier but healthier and has allowed me to discover who I truly am.

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