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Brian Todd

Regained my youth!
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Client from Stanmore

Brian Todd (after)


Turning 70 I realised that parts of me just didn't work well. Exercise at home gave me a sore back and was a chore, and I couldn't continue on my path if I wanted to stay fit and well.

A friend recommended Vision Personal Training. I had NEVER attended a gym, but I quickly saw the power of targeted exercise fed to me at a comfortable rate my body could process and accept.

Five months later I still look forward to my sessions and the company of the Trainers. I have a Personal Trainer who surprises me with his better knowledge of my physical potential than I have gained in the previous 70 years. My body is stronger and I'm healthier.

When I walked through the doors just over a year ago after having heard from a friend about the benefits of training at Vision, I  had no idea of the most important benefit it would have until June 2017. I had been given a warning that my heart may have developed a life changing condition. However, after completing an ECG stress test (a test that I failed 10 years ago), not only had my heart improved, but I had smashed my old result out of the park!

I would recommend Vision Personal Training to everyone. It's never too old to show these upstarts how to do it!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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