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Alexandra Kirsten

40 kg in 1 Year and Berlin Marathon
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Client from Neutral Bay

Before Alexandra Kirsten (before)
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I had finally had enough of the way I looked and needed a change, so I came in on a voucher for 6 sessions at Vision Neutral Bay, thinking I should give it a crack. In the first session, I met my Trainer who helped me set small goals, first to simply just eat 5 meals a day as well as do the scariest thing for me at the time; run 1 km.

The first few sessions I had at Vision Neutral Bay were hard, but soon my body got used to it and I started to see changes for myself. From there I went from strength to strength, 12kgs down in the first 9 weeks, and by the end of the year (my Trainer made me weigh in on Dec 27th) I was down 40kgs from the previous year! I now have a new lease on life and have made sure fitness is a mainstay in my life, for both now and the future.

Other than having a reason for a brand new wardrobe, running was something I wanted to get better at and become more consistent with. I decided I would work smarter rather than harder, and started with some smaller Fun Runs so I could get accustomed to running. Gradually, I built up my running capacity in terms of both time and distance and found myself one day crossing the finishing line of the Berlin Marathon. That remains something that I still cannot believe I have achieved but am proud to say I have.

Thank you so much to the entire Vision Neutral Bay team for all your support throughout my journey. I couldn't have done it without you.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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