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Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries

Enjoy a sweet treat without the added guilt.
Macros per serve
Carbs: 5.13
Protein: 1.06
Fat: 1.66


6 servings
  • 15g Almond Butter
  • 5g Cacao Powder
  • 5g Vanilla Essence
  • 10g Pure Maple Syrup
  • 240g Strawberries
  • 10ml Water 


  1. Wash strawberries and lay out ready on a plate. 
  2. In a bowl add almond butter, cacao, vanilla and maple syrup, mix well until it all combines. 
  3. Slowly add a little water until you get a nice paste consistency. 
  4. Place mixture into a small dipping bowl and enjoy alongside the strawberries. 

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