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Tips to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone? Let Vision Personal Training help you with our top tips to getting outside of your comfort zone.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Adam Trama at Clarence Street

Learn how to find personal growth outside your comfort zone

Written by Adam Trama, Personal Trainer - Vision Personal Training Clarence St, Sydney

Reaching a level outside your comfort zone has endless benefits. However, perhaps the biggest benefit is the opportunity to engage with people who challenge your way of thinking. This can not only open opportunities towards health and fitness, but may allow you to develop on a personal level. Here are five tips in helping you push out of your comfort zone;

  1. Talk to someone new: Every time you walk into a room, take the time to talk to someone new. The people around us tend to keep us who we are, so keep finding new people to help you grow as a person.
  2. Deliberately seek out a different perspective: You know what your thoughts consist of, so find someone with a different outlook form you and actively push that difference.
  3. Discover a topic completely outside your comfort zone: By reading a topic outside your usual studies you may find that ideas slowly start to creep into your mind. This may motivate you to try new things.
  4. Do what doesn't come naturally to you: If you are a person who has a set routine from day to day, try to add something different every day. You will see how tough it is, but how rewarding it is at the same time.
  5. Be open: With being open comes opportunity. There is always someone who you can learn from.

You can also apply the above mindsets to your training. Trying things outside your comfort zone with training will open your eyes up to what you are capable of.

Keeping an open mind and constantly pushing your barriers will help you achieve personal growth both inside and outside of the gym.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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