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Relevance of the 4 E's

You may have heard of Vision's 4 E's before what what do they mean? Let Vision PT show you the 4 E's and the relevance each element has to you.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Kam at Baulkham Hills

Just how important are these 4 E's in a health & fitness journey?

To answer that we need to discover a little bit more about them. The "4 E's" are in reference to; Emotions, education, eating & exercise, all of which are fundamental components here at Vision Personal Training.

However, which ones should we invest the most in & what's the benefit?

Let's say we invested 80% in Exercise over each of the remaining 3 E's. Yes, we may be training strenuously throughout the week, but how do we know that our training is the correct program for our body type & our goals? How can we be sure our nutrition is near perfect if we neglect it & continue with our poor eating habits? Or more importantly are we educated enough around the types of food to eat and exercise to do for our goals?

The answer isn't to invest into one single E, or into 2 main components, rather to invest evenly into each one into understanding your emotions, improving your education, eating & exercising efficiently. This will lead to the best overall outcome in the long run.

"The more you fall behind, the more you have to catch up"

It is far more beneficial in the long run to have the correct plan of attack for your body & your individual goals, maintaining consistency with your daily nutrition requirements & knowing that this is what our body needs to grow & recover, understanding why we feel certain ways & overcoming those emotional barriers.

Second by second, we miss the opportunity to become the person we want to be. Master each of our 4 E's & there is no telling at what we can accomplish!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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