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Protein And Fat Loss - The Real Reasons Protein Is Your Friend!

Did you know that protein assists fat loss? Let the experts at Vision PT show you why protein is your best friend when looking to burn fat.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Joe Sprange at Mosman

1. Not enough carbohydrate? Whilst it is true that we need to be conscious of our carbohydrate intake to maximize fat loss, we still want to make sure we are getting enough. In fact individual fat molecules can actually not enter the fat burning cycle without having a little glucose molecule to take them there. Indeed, this may be the very reason that even though you are eating a low fat, low crab diet and training hard, you are not losing any more weight. People get excited when they drop their carbs and instantly lose weight. This is more of a factor of storing less water then fat loss.

2. Not enough fibre? When we are eating for weight loss we sometimes restrict are carb intake and also to our intake of fiber, this is a mistake. Fiber is an essential factor for maintaining health. It helps you feel more full and therefore eat less, it binds with acids in the body and help carry out excess fat and it acts as a bulking agent and speeds the transit time of the food we eat, keeping the intestines in good order.

3. Sleep? When we are constantly sleep deprived the body secretes a hormone named ghrelin. Higher ghrelin levels have been shown to reduce energy expenditure, stimulate hunger and food intake, promote retention of fat

4. Not eating enough fat? Too little fat may actually make it harder for us to lose weight as essential fats a help burn fat by assisting in the transport of oxygen to the body's tissues. As well as the transport of essential vitamins and nutrients and supporting hormone production.

5. The GI of carbs you're eating? You might be eating the right amount of carbohydrates, but the type of carbs you are eating has a significant effect on weight loss. The amount of insulin released after a meal is usually proportional to the meals blood glucose response. High GI foods produce a larger rise in blood glucose and therefore insulin levels, than low - moderate GI foods. Consequently diets based on lower GI foods have been found to promote greater weight (body fat) loss than the high GI diets with a similar energy intake

6. Not enough water? If you want to have steady fat loss, and high energy, it is necessary to keep your body and liver hydrated every day. Our liver converts the fat soluble toxic chemicals that we consume, breathe in, and absorb through our skin, into water soluble chemicals which helps the kidneys to flush the toxins through urine. With limited water supply, the kidneys cannot completely flush out metabolic and foreign waste. Our muscles are a high percentage water too. Dehydration leads to muscles of smaller volume and therefore less energy expenditure.

7. Training Composition? Ensure that you have the right balance of resistance training sessions and cardiovascular training sessions each week in relation to your body type. For an ectomorph, resistance training holds more importance over cardio. Conversely, for an endomorph, cardio has more benefit than resistance training. The mesomorph body type requires a balance between the two. Also of importance is the composition of the cardiovascular exercise. Ensuring there is an element of high intensity balanced out with an element of low to moderate to allow the body to stimulate weight loss.

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