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Managing PCOS

Are you living with PCOS? Did you know exercise and the right nutrition can help manage symptoms? Let the experts at Vision PT show you how.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Tabitha Hudson at Wollongong

PCOS affects 1 in 10 women and is a serious condition that is not spoken about enough!
A woman with this disorder enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. This
happens because there is an imbalance of hormones testosterone, oestrogen and
If PCOS isn't managed appropriately it can not only hinder your fat loss results but future
I myself have been managing PCOS from the early age of 13.
One thing I have learned is that when dealing with this condition there is no "one size fits all."
approach. It is different for everyone as everyone's body is uniquely different. If you have
PCOS you should speak to your doctor / specialist before making any drastic lifestyle

Approaches I've taken with clients and that has worked for me in the past when dealing with
this condition is a combination of the following:
1. Reduce body fat to a healthy weight range
2. Focus on diet.
3. Reduce stress.
4. Just moving more.

1. REDUCING BODY FAT for PCOS is not about becoming a size 6 or getting levels to extremely
low percentages. It's about improving your health, reducing insulin resistance which
in turn helps manage the condition, and to restore ovulation to help regulate
menstrual cycles. Focus on approaching fat loss using a calorie deficit that isn't too
aggressive for more long-term results.

2. DIET: Address EMOTIONAL EATING TRIGGERS. Keep a food diary for a few
weeks. What foods do you turn to when stressed? What times are you eating the
most? Old habits die hard, so we want to get a handle of them and remove them.
Consuming low GI carbs as much as possible is important to keep blood sugar levels
stable. This doesn't mean you can never have sugar again, just in moderation and
monitored within your macros. Don't forget about consuming adequate protein and
getting healthy fats in your diet! Fat is vital for hormone regulation and also helps with
balancing blood sugar levels.

3. REDUCE STRESS. Stress is a massive factor in PCOS the more perceived stress
your body thinks it has the more stress hormones are released which can hinder
other hormones such as progesterone to not be released and signal the ovaries to
ovulate. A few strategies can be: prioritising sleep, writing down what's stressing you
out and possible solutions,  question your perception of sense of urgency and focus
on one task at a time, meditation, breath!, work on focusing and slowing down the
breathe, & most importantly taking time out of your day to do things you enjoy. If you
feel there's no time and you're too busy. You definitely need to make time. 

4. Lastly, just MOVE MORE. Regular exercise helps females with PCOS improve their
sleep quality as some suffer insomnia and sleep apnoea. Moving makes you feel good due to
the release of endorphins the feel-good chemicals! Weight training builds strength
and helps reduce extra fat stores (combined with diet) can help get your hormones,
and hopefully your PCOS under control.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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