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Laws of Mindset, The Foundation to Your Success

The Laws of Mindset, The Foundation of Your Success.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Dimitri Hatziandreou at Kogarah

The Laws of Mindset, The Foundation of Your Success.

So, you're ready to make a change. You know it's time to do something with yourself after the festive season. You may be the heaviest you've been in a while. New year new me, right? But two weeks in and the same old thoughts and feelings that stopped you from taking action are coming up again.

Just like last year, and the year before that... and the year before that.

Well don't worry this year won't be the same! Why?

Because This time you're changing your mindset. You're going to switch up the mainframe and reprogram yourself to become a better you. How?


RULE 1- Make a Promise 

It's going to start with a promise, and that promise is simple.

"I'm going to do give this my best no matter what" that's it. Now say it again.




Ok, now you've promised yourself something. NEVER go back on a promise to yourself. For me even the thought of going back on a promise to myself makes me severely sad. That's the mindset you need to have. Now some people might really believe it at the time when they say they'll give it their best but many times they end up back to square 1, starting off well and then slowly going backwards. The key with this is having a reason to make that promise in the first place. Something powerful. Something that's going to keep you going when it starts to get difficult. It could be a health scare. Or maybe you are just sick of feeling lethargic and heavy all the time. Where the simplest of tasks such as going up the stairs or tying your shoes are a struggle. Maybe you want to make your family proud of you and be a good role model for your children who haven't had the healthiest influence from you.

Whatever it is make it real and write it down.


RULE 2- Believe in Yourself 

Tell yourself how good you are. Remember,

"The most important conversation you have is the one with yourself" when challenges come up embrace it. Sometimes it's scary. Tell people, then you must do it. Your belief will grow the more work you put into something and the smaller goals along the way you achieve. Then remember those accomplishments for larger goals in the future.

Why wouldn't you be confident if you put in the work. You put the time in to learn, you are getting stronger, your preparing your food and you have put yourself in a positive community of people who are all achieving their own goals (We Won)

As a wise man once said "training turns your nervous system into a confidence system" oh wait I said that. I wouldn't call myself wise, but I'm definitely confident.


RULE 3 - Always Take Ownership of Everything

Everything that happens to you is on you. No matter how bad it may seem. Now there are things we can't control but we can always control our reaction to things. Yes, you may have had a stressful day at work, maybe you had an argument with someone, or life is just seeming a bit too stressful. I can guarantee you that everyone is dealing with something! It's no excuse to play below the line. If you're that run down, have a nap. If you can't resist bad food, then throw it out. If you tend to be lazy, book in a pt. session, or organise to go to a group session with a friend. We don't gamble with our goals. Take ownership and make it happen.


RULE 4 - Detach From Feelings That Don't Serve You, Harness Feelings That Do.

Successful people do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not. The way you feel should have no influence on completing the task at hand. None whatsoever. As soon as you let them, you will go backwards. I'm not talking about physically being run down or overtraining either. That's different. If you are getting weaker or falling asleep all the time you probably need to look at your lifestyle in terms of eating and sleeping.

I'm talking about feelings of lazy ness, sadness, maybe the desire to try those Tim Tams you see someone else eating. The "I can't be bothered" feeling. If you listen to that the game is over. NEVER attach to that feeling. It is toxic for your mind.


Now the fun part,

What feelings can we use to trigger ourselves. To make us do a little bit better. Like a turbo for our headspace. If you have the right mindset most of them.


Ever felt afraid or anxious? Your heart starts beating fast, maybe you sweat. The mind starts racing like crazy then suddenly you freak out and freeze.

Ever felt excited and ready?

Heart starts beating fast, maybe you sweat, you take big deep breath into your stomach harness the energy and GO!

That's right it's the same feeling it's all on how you channel it.


Ever been so angry where you can't even think properly, take a breath and go for a run or pick up some weight. Yesterday in a state of anger I even wrote a motivational rant and it was pretty good!


Happiness as well, this one is the greatest. Ride the high. When you feel bad you can make it good but when you feel good you can make it great.

Emotion is Energy in motion. Use it


RULE 5 - Understand That it is Never Ending

"There is no finish line"- David Goggin's

Never stop. Reset goals and achieve them again. Even if the goal is maintenance for example. Maintenance is the most important part. It's establishing habits that are going to keep you in shape for the rest of your life. A lot of people hit their goals by working so hard and think. That's it. I made it I can now maintain. Then 1 year later they have to start all over. Continue to put the effort. Would you stop getting your car serviced? No, the only time you would is if you were replacing it. But you only get one body. Maintain it properly, you could even improve it more.


And there you have it 5 mindset laws to follow that will keep you going strong






*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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