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How We Actually Guarantee Your Result

Let’s dive in today to see how we actually guarantee your results at Vision Personal Training.*
Your Body, Your Goals
Your Body, Your Goals

By John Carpenter, Director at Mona Vale

There’s a lot of health and fitness programs out there today that promise you success, but how can you be sure of that success? Let’s dive in today to see how we actually guarantee your results at Vision Personal Training.

A money back results guarantee is a big claim, especially considering no one person can be monitored around the clock with every single little action they take.

However, to achieve this guarantee (and more importantly, actual results) at Vision we have created a system that allows us to have absolute clarity around what needs to be done to obtain your desired result and what steps we need to take daily and weekly to reach that result in a specific timeframe.

We call it the ‘Weekly Report’, and it’s implemented from day one of your journey. Your very first session at Vision with your Results Coach is a goal setting and planning session where you’ll determine your goal, exercise habits needed to reach that goal, and nutrition habits that need to be implemented.

You’ll then undertake two nutritional sessions with your Results Coach to clearly define your eating plans, habits, strategies and receive further education around how best to optimise your eating.

While training 2-3 times weekly your Results Coach will complete the Weekly Report with you in one of those sessions on the same day of the week ensuring consistency.

The Weekly Report is a summary of all your actions and habits you mapped out in your first planning session. The discussion with your Coach will ensure you’re ticking all the boxes and coming up with better strategies if you’re falling short in any area. This includes, exercise volume and intensity, eating habits, alcohol habits, sleep patterns, daily steps targets, as well as current confidence and importance levels towards your goal.

This weekly progress update allows you to stay motivated, on track and keeps the bigger picture more realistic to achieve as we break it down into more manageable chunks.

If you’re ready to start your health and fitness journey and want guaranteed results, please reach out to the team at Vision Personal Training Mona Vale.

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