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Gut Health

What is gut health and why is it important? Our experts at Vision Personal Training discuss why gut health is crucial in achieving your goals!
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Weight Loss Articles

By Max Sudiro at Baulkham Hills

The lining of our gut absorbs and transports nutrients across the intestinal wall. The gut's permeability allows nutrients to cross into the blood stream but stops larger molecules, such as proteins and microbes from entering. The gut lining is also where the most number of immune cells are produced. If the gut lining is not healthy, our immune system is directly compromised. The gut lining can also become leaky, allowing unwanted molecules to pass into the blood stream. As these large molecules enter our blood stream, our immune system responds via inflammation which leads to further health complications. That being said, here are 4 top foods to improve your gut health:


  1. Bone and Meat broths

Broth has gained momentum recently in the healthy diet as it contains a nutrient known as gelatine. The effect of gelatine on the gut increases the amount of gastric acid released, therefore improving digestion as well as maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining.


  1. Fermented foods and Probiotic

Ferments such as yoghurt, sauerkraut or fermented vegetables, kefir, kombucha, apple cider vinegar and kimchi are great additions to a healthy diet, and contain probiotics (good bacteria) which our body needs for ideal health. Many of these beneficial bacteria are transient - meaning they are able to conduct their role on the move as they pass through your digestive system. This means that when it comes to fermented food, including a form of probiotic to your daily diet will ensure maintenance of our microbiome is achieved. The acids produced by fermentation also help in the breakdown of food, another reason to include these foods into our diets.


  1. Omega 3s

Omega 3 fats are incredibly important for our health, and their ability to lower inflammation is beneficial for gut health. Preliminary research is also pointing towards a positive relationship between the intakes of EPA a type of fat found in fish oil and improving the gut bacteria environment.


  1. Egg Yolks

They are full of B vitamins, calcium, zinc, lecithin and essential fatty acids like omega-3 DHA. They are also high in cholesterol, and this is a good thing! Cholesterol is responsible for hormone production and regulating neural pathways which leads to improved brain health and therefore mood!

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