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Getting Fit For Your Wedding Day

Let the experts at Vision Personal Training show you how to get fit in time for your wedding day, so that you feel like the best version of you!
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Weight Loss Articles

By Gabby Clegg at Mona Vale

One of the biggest days of your life is coming up and you want to look your best but how? Getting fit for you wedding is not going to make you into a super bride, but it will boost your confidence and let you walk down that isle in style. I recently got married and had the same fear leading up to the big day. Don't tear your hair out just yet. In this article I will show you how you can look your best to the moment you say I Do to the moment you are on your honeymoon sipping cocktails with your new husband.

Congratulations on this huge milestone you are now engaged and have a set a date for the wedding of the year. Before you rush out and buy the dress, make sure you have set a goal of what you want to achieve and what you want to feel like in that stunning gown.

Start by setting a SMART goal. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. For instance losing 5 kgs in 9 weeks is achievable compared to trying to lose 10g in 2 weeks. Be smart about your goal, and set something you can achieve. Remember you don't want to add to the stress of wedding planning so pick a goal that you know will be reachable.

If you haven't started an exercise program now is the time. Based on your goal you can start a year ahead of your wedding or 3 months. But don't leave it to late (you will regret it). Think about the dress you are after, are you going for the traditional strapless wedding dress?

You may want to work harder on your arms and get them looking toned. A great exercise to help in this area is boxing. Get punching with your bridal party and have a fun time doing it. Or are you the type of bride who wants something with a low back? Start working on those back muscles, to really show off that nice toned back. A structured weights program will help address these certain areas so you can feel confident dancing the night away. Building lean muscle also helps with weight loss so don't be afraid of picking up a dumbbell.

We know your good at planning, after all you have planned your dream day. Start by planning out your meals every week. I like to menu plan on a Sunday and get the groceries in the same day. I then prepare all meals for the week in advance so you have no excuses as your food is ready to go in the fridge. Start by cutting out junk food and picking up a few more greens and some quality protein sources at the super market. Good sources of lean protein are chicken, turkey, white fish, eggs, nuts and some dairy. I like to have a good serving of protein at each meal.

Did you know when your dehydrated you won't burn fat? Try cutting back on alcohol and coffee and fill up on H20. Drink 2- 3L of water a day to flush out bad toxins in the body and get you feeling great again. Your skin is your largest organ in the body, regular intakes of fluid throughout the day will keep it looking healthy and clean.

In summary set yourself a SMART goal of what you would like to achieve, don't leave your exercise regime to the last minute. Pick what type of wedding dress you are after and focus on toning those areas. Prepare your meals at the start of the week and buy yourself a good drink bottle to top up on H20.

Good luck with your training and planning for the big day. I know you will look amazing and feel the most confident you have ever felt.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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