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Fitness Reversibility

Fitness reversibility. What is it, what does it mean and is it happening to you? We discuss all of these points in this article by Vision PT.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Sam Gleeson at Mona Vale

Due to unforeseen circumstances, lack of motivation or personal difficulty we stop taking into account how essential it is to train ourselves and maintain fitness. During this time individuals are at higher risk of health disease and experience the gradual deteriorating of their fitness. This fundamental principle of fitness is known as reversibility.

Now reversibility applies to any person elite athlete or not who contributed to establishing a healthy regiment of fitness and because it stops, starts to lose it. For example, middle aged or elderly people have to train harder to have a good physique and quality fitness due to ageing effects such as slower metabolism which means they can't process food as fast as they did when they were younger, making it easier to put on fat and weight. So, if an individual in this demographic has established good fitness with consistent training and eating, then after as little as 2 weeks all their progression will crumble. Which means they will no longer be able to lift as heavy weights; they will get puffed way more easily and their muscle mass and bone density will decrease not to mention their crucial organs such as heart and lungs will be at higher risk of disease.

So, in consequence, reversibility will come with a range of health issues which over even more time will get so much worse and take its toll on the wellbeing of everyone after only 2 weeks. So, here is a few tips to combat reversibility:

  • Stay active: walking, running, swimming are all fantastic.
  • Don't lose focus of healthy eating (stick with healthy diets).
  • Train to work off alcohol and binge eating.

And most importantly continue to train the same amount of weights, stretching and cardio sessions as you did when in full stride, talk to your personal trainers and find your alternatives (online training), it is so imperative to continue your training. Giving up or stopping is the absolute worst thing to do; if anything, locking yourself away from activity and good eating creates so much more problems and susceptibility to illness.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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