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Finding Your Drive

In this Vision PT article we discuss why finding your drive can be an important part in achieving success with any of your goals. Read on here.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jack Kam at Baulkham Hills


What's brought you to this article? Ask yourself that question, Vision didn't find you, you found Vision. Perhaps it's because there's something about your life that needs to change. Something insufficient, something not suitable for your current path, you've hit the wall at some point, you've looked too many times into the mirror & not smiled, you want to move from where you are, change the situation.

This path you're about to take is riddled with adversity, & before you embark on this journey, mentally, you must fuel yourself with the right reasons, the right 'why' to sustain the entire journey. Everybody is quick off the start, & maybe it's one month or two months into it where the wear & tear starts to reveal itself. do you lose focus of the horizon, do you not? It's at these times especially that we focus on the speedbumps of the day & all the weekly hiccups, losing sight of the true purpose. You give so much value to, bear so much pain for, and will always invest in today to sacrifice what we can for the betterment of tomorrow. However, if we don't know what this inspiration is, the why factor, it's very easy to go astray.

I highly implore each & every one of you to set goals relevant to YOU!

Not what your husband or wife would like, or what your friends have suggested. You must yearn to achieve those goals based on your interests & your passions. Find something that will urge you to wake up early or stay back late to reach, something that will grant you an immense amount of pride should you reach it. That something you're envisioning right now, is your drive. Hold onto it.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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