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Fail To Prepare? Prepare To Fail

At Vision PT, we know failing to prepare leads to preparing to fail. Let our experts trainers explain why preparation is the key to your success.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Jade Herald at Baulkham Hills


Whether you're trying to lose fat, gain muscle or just maintain weight, meal preparation can make life a whole lot easier. We have all heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen", well guess what, IT'S TRUE. 70-80% of all results aren't made on the gym floor, it's in the kitchen. This is why getting your nutrition and meals right is so important.


When people don't pre schedule their food diaries and prepare meals ahead of time one can end up skipping meals, over eating or under eating. This then creates an urgency to grab what is quick and easy, which normally falls into the fast food 'unhealthy' category. This is what we need to avoid.


When done correctly meal preparation can make life a whole lot easier. In the mornings on the way out to work you just grab the pre prepared meals and off you go. You don't have to think you just do.


Let's go through 4 simple and easy steps on how to execute a simple meal preparation-


  1. Plan/write down the weeks' worth of meals at the beginning of the week

Planning and recording the meals for the week ahead will help to regulate what to eat and when to eat it. This stops the binge eating, under eating and skipping meals. Planning meals also means the less food choices means the better you will eat. Setting up this routine will help you eat unconsciously which means your brain knows what it is going to get so it decreases the thought of cravings.


  1. Write a shopping list and DON'T DEVIATE

Once you have planned your weeks' worth of food then it's easy to then write out a list of what you need to buy in order to carry out the prep. Going to the shops without a shopping list is critical. You need to go with a clear mind on only purchasing better choice foods. Not to mention great on the wallet because this means we don't splurge and we keep it in the budget.


  1. Purchase good quality containers

Containers are important as they hold your food. Having good quality containers and matching if possible makes life easier and looks better which makes us feel good about what we are doing.


  1. Prepare food once/twice a week

When food is prepared it will stay fresh for approximately 3 days, this is why we suggest preparing on Sunday and Wednesday nights. If Wednesdays prove difficult then freezing half of the meals is also encouraged. Remember the food you are preparing will be set out according to your macronutrient goals. We suggest preparing morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner if needed. Breakfast should be easy enough for you to make fresh in the mornings.


"When it comes to mealtime, the better you plan, the better you do"-Brian Wansink Ph.D.


Don't neglect the power of nutrition and meal preparation. Practise makes perfect! So what's stopping you?

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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