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Achieving Your Goals in 2024

If you have health and fitness goals for 2024 its important to not just focus on the result.
New -Year
New -Year

By Kaillum Key, Owner at Wollongong

If you have health and fitness goals for 2024 its important to not just focus on the result. Mainly because the goal is not super immediate, especially if you have given yourself all year to achieve it, for as the saying goes, a task will take as long as you have to complete it. Remember those school projects that we had 6 weeks to do, but left it till the last 6 hours? Yeah, same thing.

So here is how we make sure you have the best chance of achieving those goals for 2024. Firstly, how realistic is the goal? Is the goal so big that you must change everything to achieve it? If so, you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to make that sacrifice. If you are, fantastic. If not, then we need to scale it back to match what you’re willing to change and what you’re willing to do.

Which leads us to the next step. What are you willing to do? What actions are you going to take on a weekly basis to achieve your goal? Do you need to join a gym? Do you need to take your own lunch to work rather than buying it? Does takeaway dinner and Uber Eats need to be limited to once per week?

This is the most important thing in achieving your goals this year. Deciding on the weekly actions that align with that vision of yourself. And its quite easy to work out what that would be. Imagine you were talking with that version of you and ask them “What do you do to be as healthy and as fit as you are,” then right down the actions/answers you know you would get. If the answers are a bit daunting for you right now, scale them back to begin with, then slowly work up to them.

But decide on what ACTUAL ACTIONS you are going to implement straight away. Then do them. Follow through. Especially on the days you don’t want to. It will become easier, I promise you. And slowly but surely you will see yourself transform into to that version of yourself you pictured for 2024. Remember, your goal is important, but the actions that get you there are MORE important.

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