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8 Ways to Protect and Enhance your Well-being

The COVID 19 outbreak and flow on effects have created stress & anxiety among us. Here are 8 ways to protect and enhance your well being by Vision PT.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Sarah Houston at Mosman

8 Ways to Protect and Enhance your Well-being


The recent COVID 19 outbreak and flow on effects have created stress and anxiety and changed the way we live almost overnight. It's at times like this (whatever the challenge may be) that we need strategies to maintain and enhance our physical and mental wellbeing.


1. Have a schedule. Juggling working from home and family life is challenging. Having a plan is comforting and creates structure in what is otherwise an unpredictable time. Include break times, plan your food out for the day, know how and when you will exercise and when you will sleep.


2. Prioritise your mental health: Stress and anxiety are normal and it is important to do what we can to reduce them. Try to avoid reading or watching the news at night, get outside for fresh air once a day and exercise regularly, even a walk.


3. Redefine your goals: Accept that you won't be able to achieve work exercise or personal goals exactly as you had intended. But goals are still important. Be flexible in your thinking and reset smaller, more short-term goals that are realistic and motivating.


4. Make healthy choices to build immunity: Get the most out of your food by choosing those rich in Vitamin A, C and E to boost immunity. This includes oily fish, cheese, whole grains, nuts and seeds, citrus fruits, broccoli, green leafy vegetables. 


5. Plan your food to avoid eating excess: Being at home more can lead to more eating than you really need. Knowing what you will eat in advance will help to keep you feeling good. Make a shopping list and go when it's less busy and you have already eaten. Use the MyVision App to plan against your macros and look for family friendly recipe ideas. Vision Ready Meals are also a good option to reduce stress associated with meal preparation. 


6. Be open to new ways to move: To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, movement is so important. It also boosts energy to enhance your body and mind. Vision video-link PT gives you tailored sessions while in your own home, garden or garage and include stretching, cardio and strength. You can also choose to do your 1:1 outdoors with your trainer. 


7. Get enough sleep: Sleep is important for your physical and mental health. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Try and wind down from the day and have a regular bedtime. Focus on relaxing and avoid working or using technology (tv or phone) for an hour beforehand. 


8. Keep connecting: While you may not be able to be physically close to friends and family, it is important to keep up our social connections. Try scheduling regular FaceTime chats, join one of our online group classes or connect with your trainer in an online PT session. 


While times may be challenging, remember we are stronger together and we at Vision are always available for a chat or to provide advice on your health and well-being. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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