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Laura's Reflection - I have a clearer mindset, better direction, greater determination and more defined goals.

Read about Laura's lifestyle change and how she gained motivation with the team at Vision PT Surry Hills
Fitness and Training
Fitness and Training

By Curtis at Surry Hills

 In early 2015 I found myself lacking personal motivation and accountability. I was allowing my lack of work/life balance and broader lifestyle choices dictate who I was and how I felt about myself.  I went from being someone who was rather cheerful and confident to negative feelings of disconnect and imbalance.

Despite the fact that I was exercising and attempting to correct my nutrition, I found myself trapped in a vicious counterproductive loop. After a serious conversation with oneself, some research and a little push from my friends and family, I decided to try my luck at Vision Surry Hills.

Over the past 9 months, my personal trainer Kyle has helped me develop a more positive relationship with my body and regain that self-ownership I had at one point felt powerless over. My concept of 'healthy', 'strong', 'fit' has and continues to evolve as I grow to appreciate and learn more about the perceivably limitless capabilities of my body. As a result I have experienced a shift in mindset, an increased level of accountability and stronger sense of determination - all of which inspire me to progressively chase something bigger. 

"Tighter, stronger, leaner" are three words that are the foundation of what I strive to be. Three words that Kyle reminds me of every time I say "I can't".  I hear those words at least a few times each session! Not because I complain too much (Yes, I am infamous for my protesting) but because he is never short of motivation and or encouragement. During those challenging moments of weakness, it is this mentorship and guidance that drives me to push that little bit further.

What I find incredibly moving about the Vision Surry Hills team and my peers is the binding sense of community within the Surry Hills studio. It is hugely motivating to be surrounded by likeminded individuals who share common goals and passions. The always dynamic group classes help harness that positive energy, the trainers all encourage friendly competitiveness within the sessions and it further elevates my progress week on week.

One of my greatest challenges is the notion of 'expectation vs reality'. Although my trainer Kyle is consistently mentoring and educating me on the implications of unreasonable expectations, there are instances when my inner-competitiveness has caused me to lose sight of what is truly achievable and I have found myself discouraged each time I have fallen short. Whilst I recognise and understand how detrimental that is both mentally and physically, I still on occasion find myself over-committing and setting unrealistic goals. It remains a challenge I am yet to wholeheartedly conquer, but one that always leads me back to re-evaluate and refocus.

I am really excited about creating the 'future me', I am striving and determined to be the best possible version of me. The journey itself is rewarding, learning how to fine tune my body, progressively getting stronger, increased endurance and agility, embracing change. It all excites me. My goal-posts are gradually shifting to be in sync with my progress and I value every little achievement and all those defining milestones along the way.

My overall quality of life and approach to everyday situations whether it be personal and or professional has improved for the positive. With all tasks and challenges in mind, I have a clearer mindset, better direction, greater determination and more defined goals.  

Here are Laura's top tips for someone that us thinking about making a change to their lifestyle:

Self-awareness is paramount. You have to have an honest conversation with yourself and admit that something isn't quite right. There are so many external factors in the world that we feel passionate about but cannot control. Our body is not one, take control of your body, be passionate about it, make mindful decisions for it.

Don't be afraid to get started and ask for help. No matter how big or small your goal may be that initial step and was one of the hardest for me. Take it head on and surround yourself with a positive network.

Consistency, you have to invest your body, day in day out. Have fun doing it, having a positive and balanced relationship with your body is the most amazing thing. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Own your weakness: I personally struggle with this, but we must learn to ride the wave. In every situation, there are ups and there are downs. How you chose to tackle these circumstances will determine how successful you are at driving your results.

Enjoy the ride: It is the longest adventure you will embark on. Embrace every step. My trainer Kyle has in the past reminded me of the 'Tortoise and the Hare', "Slow and steady, wins the race".




*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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