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Viv & Brian Sussman

Feeling fitter and younger than ever!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Viv and Brian Sussman (after)

I am writing to rave about Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction. I did not know just how much consistently going to the studio had helped me and my husband's health and fitness until a recent holiday overseas. On this holiday we went to Italy as well as a cruise, with both notorious for "not having the best food choices". Daily buffets, very good restaurants, pizza and pasta to die for of course!

We both managed to make wise food choices while still enjoying our holiday and getting in a lot of exercise on a daily basis. We loved walking 12,000- 17,000 steps a day often including ascents of cathedrals and mountains to some marvellous views. We only met 2 other people on the cruise who were able to complete these walks - and they were much younger than us! We took part in a series of bike trips, one of which we managed to find an amazing bell tower which we climbed and weren't even out of breath like the others - thank you to my trainer and the group classes!

Having put in the efforts to exercise, eat well and learn through Vision Bondi Junction in the lead up to the trip, we really were able to fully embrace the travelling options and enjoy it as though we were 20 years younger! Not only this, we were able to maintain our fitness and weight goals in what has been a complete lifestyle change for both of us.

Thank you, Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction, for making us both happier and healthier!


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