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Mia Farrow

I have truly enjoyed my first Ultra now as a Mum runner!
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Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Giuseppe Fedele


Last year, being in my 4th year of training now as a mum athlete, I was looking for a more sustainable approach to strength training and a team environment. I was also looking for a safe place where I would be challenged and inspired.

Lucky, my friend Max the owner of Vision, was one of my favourite teammates during track workouts some time ago, so we chatted and I said I was preparing for a few big events (in the next few years) and we decided Vision would be a good place for me to get ready.

Max paired me with Giuseppe Fedele - my personal trainer of 8 months now, and Giuseppe has done an outstanding job progressing me, challenging me and getting me stronger for my sport related events.

Starting in July - My first goal was creating a sustainable gym routine, adding 2-3 days per week of PT sessions (consistency), nutrition chats about protein timing and servings, my age related hormonal structure, my age related injury prevention and working on run specific strength exercises. We had 6 months to my first run event Ultra Trail Kosciusko 50km in Australia.

It took about 6 -10 weeks for me to condition my body again and then week 11-20, Giuseppe introduced drop sets which really tested me mentally. But they really helped my track running - I found myself increasing speed (400m sprints) each week for steady 6 weeks. It was my absolute favourite time of 2023! Giuseppe did an incredible job introducing more resistance and pushing me to my limit but never beyond to failure. It was so fun (and hard :)

But hard work pays off!

Needless to say, Kosci 50km was a success and I have truly enjoyed my first Ultra now as a mum runner. Last time I ran 50km was when I was 30 yo.

So it’s always such a boost to know we can still do hard things as we age!

Giuseppe did fantastic work of always staying mindful of my running program for the week, my sleep recovery, my stress levels if any, and/or my family needs.

I have not missed one session to date (except during flu and covid time), and it’s a testament to Giuseppe’s quality of coaching and also team environment at Vision Bondi PT. Going to the gym is my favourite day of the week - and I feel so lucky to have found such a positive, inspiring and healthy space.

We are now one week away from my climb of Mt Aspiring in New Zealand and I can’t wait to put all my good training to the test as I climb to 3,027m on technical terrain.

Thank you Giuseppe and Team Vision PT

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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