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Janeeka Frendin

"Vision encouraged me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible for someone like me."
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Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Giuseppe Fedele

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Janeeka Frendin has been a client with Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction for just over a year. She has achieved some amazing lifestyle results, including a milestone fat loss of 45kgs in 12 months, doing her first running event (Dee Why to Manly 7km) and is feeling her best self since getting started. Her next goals are to run 10km in May and 21km in September.

Here is what Janeeka had to say about her journey here at Vision Bondi Junction:

"Before I started this journey I had always struggled with my weight, I had tried many different diets and could never sustain the weight loss.

My body was also in pain and that made me scared to move in case of making the pain worse, so by the end of covid I saw a number on the scales I had never seen before and never wanted to see again!

But after speaking with a good friend about how unhappy I was, she just asked a simple question, Have you thought of trying Vision? Well that chat changed my life!

My trainer Giuseppe has been a major reason I’ve been able to stick with the program, keeping my workouts challenging and diverse, he’s encouraged me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible for someone like me.

Some of my major highlights of this 12 month period have been walking my first 14km in the City to Surf.. and then running my first 7km in the Dee Why Sun Run.

I still can’t actually believe that I’ve now lost 45kgs! And that I’m running!

I’m now training to run my first 10kms in May.. and working towards 21km by the end of 2024.. If you knew me a year ago you wouldn’t have believed it possible either!

I genuinely didn’t think it would work as well as it has! With a bit of commitment and focus it really is possible to hit your health goals!" - Janeeka Frendin

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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