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Vincent Ray

I am feeling the healthiest and most connected in a long while.
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Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Giuseppe Fedele

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2021 was a strange year for staying fit at Vision PT Bondi Junction with Online PT, Outdoor classes and then back in the studio. There were definitely times of anxiety, but with the support of my trainer and the team I was able to stay consistent and all went well. 2022 has now hit and I received my one year certificate. The moment gave me some time to reflect. 12 months on I realise how far I've come. From cancelling my first two initial consultations out of fear, to now completing 2 PT classes a week, 2 group classes a week, getting to the occasional seminar and kayaking or social event I am feeling the healthiest and most connected in a long while. Giuseppe is always in my ear saying "come on Vincent you can do it and I do it" .

Fitting in the group training sessions that Vision offers is something I really enjoy and has also made the journey more fun. But best of all for me noticing the changes in my body with muscles starting to take shape! That I am happy really proud of and something I was a little unsure of being able to change. In addition, for me exercising has also helped me a lot mentally to release a lot of stress . With Max and his professional team of PT and your effort you put in you get the results with a lot of laughter on the way. Thank you Giuseppe my trainer and the whole team at Vision Bondi Junction.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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