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Tessa Mcmahon

I'm 26kg down!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Tessa McMahon (before)
After Tessa McMahon (after)
Living in London, the  only greens I ever really had in my fridge were limes... to go with the gin. My oven was spotless because it had never been used, and I owned 8 champagne flutes and 1 plate. It was a nice plate.

Needless to say, I did not (and could not) cook. I had no idea about where my food came from, what was in it or what it could do to your body and mind. I knew it looked good on Instagram though.

Even when I moved to Australia, nothing changed. I think I assumed that if you move to Bondi you naturally became this perfect image of health - it was probably all those avocados. I was completely clueless.

Then I was introduced to Vision. My sister's housemate Sarah had been asking me to come boxing with her every week for about 6 months. Being truly terrified of exercise, and because I hadn't been awake at 7am on a Saturday for about 12 years, I kept saying no. Maybe I was still waiting for 'the Bondi effect' to kick in? But she told me, it wasn't even about the exercise, she just wanted me to come along and meet a few of the brilliant and interesting people who train there. 
Almost one year later, I'm -26kgs, have a great network of strong smart women around me, and fully stocked fridge of green foods. Sadly still only 1 plate, but an excellent collection of Tupperware. 
Everyone at Vision has helped me lose weight and improve my health and fitness. The community and camaraderie in our gym has kept me going back week after week and getting on that treadmill. We all motivate each other, share our experiences and most importantly, make each other laugh... even when squatting! 
John, my amazing trainer, keeps me motivated and always pushing myself. He's showed me that exercise and weights aren't scary (ask him about the first time I got in the leg press!) and taught me everything I never knew about nutrition. 
So thank you Sarah, John and everyone at Bondi Junction Vision. You've all helped me to get here.


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