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Terry Mccarron

Training for the City to Surf!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Gladesville

Before Terry McCarron (before)
After Terry McCarron (after)

Terry McCarron, AKA Teddy, has immersed himself in the Studio since arriving and has exemplified the Vision Personal Training Gladesville culture. The soup chef (ask him for a recipe) has managed to shed 15kg and transform himself into an energiser bunny when it comes to the cardio machines. If you don't find Ted on the treadmill, bike or rower then you will most definitely catch him in one of the boxing classes which he has gotten very comfortable in.

He participated in the St Charles Fun Run and has registered for the City 2 Surf in August. Terry provides the studio with a lift every time he graces us with his presence and as an artist can draw a smile upon any face.

Congratulations Teddy!

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