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Christine O'Neill

Lost 15kg, Dropped 22% BodyFat, Completed Mothers Day 6km Run & Blackmores 9km Run!
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Client from Gladesville

Christine O'neill (after)

Christine came in feeling frumpy, unhappy and sick of struggling with her weight and health. Her husband John had started at Vision and lost 23kg with his Trainer and was feeling amazing - so he convinced her to jump on board. Christine has never looked back! She has learnt about nutrition, how to eat, what to eat, planning meals and cooking healthy food and this has seen her transform her body and achieve excellent results! Excellent nutrition coupled with 1 on 1 support from her Trainer, weight training, group classes and a family -like community has seen Christine get amazing results! She has been able to make so many like-minded friends, has become part of the Vision family & has maintained a healthy lifestyle ever since! She is 15kg lighter, has dropped 22% body fat and at over the age of 50 is a confident, happy and proud grandmother & mother. She has achieved things she never dreamed possible like completing a 9km fun run, lifting more than half her body weight, going out in sleeveless tops and being able to run around and keep up with her grandkids! Well done Christine, you are an inspiration!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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