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Cheryl Stayt

Lost over 15kg and fighting cancer - her determination is an inspiration!
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Client from Gladesville

Before Cheryl Stayt (before)
After Cheryl Stayt (after)


Lost over 15kg!

What's Next? Healthy lifestyle and staying active!

Cheryl has been a core member of our humble studio, an integral piece and familiar face for several years now. Changing her habits around nutrition and committing to weight training with her trainer has seen Cheryl lose 15kg, and feel more confident and happy! Cheryl is always bubbly and happy to chat and she brightens the room with her positive smile and energy! When she is in the studio Cheryl is either lifting weights, power walking on the treadmill or sharing foodie tips! It is said that death and taxes are the only certainties in life but let's add one more; Cheryl always bounces back. Always.

Having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and going through enormous surgeries and medical procedures still to this day, she has fought like a soldier, endured so much yet won't let it show as she continues to smile and get on with her life that she can still enjoy every day. Through her weight loss, nutrition, strength and healthy approach to life she has amazed doctors and all of those around her! Cheryl's resilience and determination is a true inspiration. She's also a wonderful mother and role model and if you don't see her in studio, be sure that you will find her either having coffee at Slices Deli or devouring a Seafood Platter at Ironwood Cafe! We are so proud of Cheryl and she has become a huge part of our Vision Gladesville family!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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