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Sue Pennie

"I interact with all the other members of Vision, who are supportive and encouraging!"
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Client from Bangor

Before Sue Pennie (before)
After Sue Pennie (after)

Feeling like an elderly matron with the onset of menopause, I really started to pile on the kilograms. I happened to see a Vision Personal Training pop up stand in the marketplace. I had a chat with the Vision Personal Trainer who took my details and called me that afternoon!

I started with Vision Personal Training the next day. I was encouraged to participate in the 9 week challenge, after a 10.1 kilo weight loss in 9 weeks I haven't looked back. Now I am 22 kilograms lighter and I am stronger and fitter than ever. I am definitely not matronly anymore and the menopause symptoms have eased considerably.

The whole Vision Personal Training culture works for me. Group Training sessions are fantastic, you interact with all other Vision members who are supportive and encouraging. I love the VVT app, it makes tracking my food easy and keeps me on track even with the occasional blow out. The encouragement from all the trainers and other members is invaluable.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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