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Denise Merchant

I have gone from size 14 clothing to size 10.
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Client from Bangor | Trainer: Jack Hyslop

Before Denise and Before_Alicia Jovcevski
After Denise and Andrew_Alicia Jovcevski

I joined Vision 2 years ago on the invitation of a friend to try it out for a month with no obligation or payment. The invitation came at just the right time as I had been wanting to do something about getting my health and my general well-being back on track. The opportunity to be able to see if I was actually going to be able to stick to the program and enjoy the process made all the difference to me giving it a go.

I was very nervous never having been to a gym before and to say I was daunted is an understatement. However, from the minute I began the journey with Vision I have never regretted it. Jack and the other trainers are so encouraging, and they make coming to Vision and achieving your goals so doable.

I have lost 20 kg in the time I’ve been at Vision. I love my food and I’ve learnt that I literally can have my cake and eat it too as it’s all about making good choices, learning to make food work for you (through the shopping tours and the seminars offered) and committing to exercising on a regular basis. My trainer Jack always has my back and pulls me in line when it's needed. I have gone from size 14 clothing to size 10. I can run 3 km (something I’ve never done before and certainly didn’t think I could do at the age of 56). 

I’m living my best life.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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