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Slavka Wanless

5kgs lost, completed a Half Marathon and improved overall health!
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Client from Bangor

Before Slavka Wanless (before)
After Slavka Wanless (after)

I came to Vision Bangor a year ago with a goal to become fitter and healthier. I've never been overweight nor big however for the last 10 years I have struggled with high cholesterol. Living my teenage years with a fit and active mum whose cholesterol was skyrocketing and who survived 5 major strokes and frequent minor strokes was not easy. The fear of losing her was the worst and here I was heading in the same direction.
We measured my progress through Bioscan and visual changes and I have lost 5kg of fat mass (8.1% of body fat down) and I've gained 2.4kg of muscle. However, I am mostly proud of dropping my Visceral Fat from 9 to optimal 3.
I feel the best I have felt in years and I was able to complete my first half marathon and I am looking forward to completing few more. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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