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Sarah Tynan

"I look back now and that woman in the photo is a distant memory"
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Client from Bangor

Before Sarah Tynan (before)
After Sarah Tynan (after)

In june 2015 my cousin posted a photo on Facebook that made my heart sink. I hardly recognised the person I saw, "how could that be me?" I said "had I let myself go that much?".

That was the moment I started to question the person I had become. Regular exercise and healthy eating had disappeared from my life and I wondered how I could be a role model for the young women I teach if I was not proud of who I was. As a solutions focused and goal driven person, I was on a mission to find something that would be the catalyst to getting my health and fitness back on track. Then I found Vision Bangor From that moment, my life changed.

I was introduced to the most amazing Personal Trainer. He provided me with the support and guidance I needed to work hard tracking my food, training hard and focusing on the journey to the Happy,Fit, Strong and driven 68kg person I am today. I look back now and that Woman in the photo is a distant memory. I am incredibly grateful for all of the team at Vision Bangor, They are all so supportive and encouraging. I am particularly grateful to Nathan for introducing me to Stuie, he was the catalyst I needed to change my life.

I now bounce out of bed looking forward to my 5:30am PT sessions, I am excited for what the future holds in terms of my health and fitness goals, and can't wait for my new programs. Bring on continued gains in both Strength and Fitness!

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