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Samuel Levi

MAFS Star moves to Melbourne and ensures he prioritises his mental health.
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Client from Prahran

Samuel Levi (after)

Samuel Levi journey moving to Melbourne and why he puts his mental health first.
Read his story from his personal blog, follow him on social media @_samuellevi

Samuel Levi Story
We all deal with mental health in our own unique and special ways. 

Day to day, a common question asked to me is what makes me happy, and puts a smile on my face to get me through life... Extreme? No. Totally normal to ask. For those of you following me, know that I reply to each and every single one of you who contact me with the above, plus kind messages, advice, or even a random hello from time to time. It's a privilege for me, that you love following my journey and it's not a right. A lot of people can get that mixed up.

One serious answer many get from me is honestly just keeping up with my own fitness, health and wellbeing. I can't stress enough, at how much this has helped me with my own mental health, wellbeing, and personal journey over the past 18months. Myself, it's not about pumping weights, to try gain more muscle and look perfect in the mirror, or lose that bit of fat around my stomach - cause I know I won't as I love a few too many wines - but it's about making me zone out from the rat race around me, enjoy time to myself, clear my mind, plus sweating it out over some bloody good music. It's also the feeling after that I enjoy the most. I feel like I can take on the world. 

It's been 3 months since I relocated to Australia, and I have noticed that as each day goes on my smile gets bigger and bigger. I tackle new challenges, like taking part in a bloody marathon this weekend which I am absolutely dreading and hate, but know deep down that it will only make myself better, grow and feel at my peak afterwards. I just ask that you reading this, please find what makes yourself contempt + happy and just do it. Only you know what makes you feel at your best, both physically and mentally - so find that something and run with it. 

I'm no personal trainer myself and know little about it. But what I do know is when I train and exercise, I couldn't feel more alive then what I do, and am actually soo thankful I found something as simple as abit of fitness to keep me going on my path. So yes, I do say a big thanks to the team VisionPT Prahran  for just keeping me on my tracks. A smile I never really once had, says a million things now. #muchlove

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