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Michelle Cole

Michelle's 10-Year Journey: Building Stronger Muscles & Bones
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Prahran | Trainer: Luke Sullivan


Meet Michelle, a determined woman who is becoming stronger and stronger! For the past decade, she's been on a transformative journey with us here at Vision PT Prahran, committing to two, sometimes three, one-on-one PT sessions weekly. Her goal: to strengthen not just her muscles but to enhance bone density, which we know is essential as we age.

Through consistent weight training, Michelle has achieved remarkable results. Her overall strength has skyrocketed, consistently deadlifting more than her body weight and is now a testament to the incredible benefits that weight training can provide to ladies approaching menopause. By prioritising weight-bearing exercises, Michelle has improved her bone density, effectively warding off the threat of osteoporosis.

One of the highlights of Michelle’s journey came in November 2022 when she was crowned Client of the Month for her performance in the Strength Program which consisted of an increase of 800g of muscle mass over 12 weeks and huge improvements in strength over the program.

Michelle's 10-year commitment to her health is a testament to the long-term benefits of consistent effort and dedication. She's living proof of the importance of investing in your health and fitness to build a stronger body for the future.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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