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Sally Orman Hales

People now refer to me as small and tiny and it makes me laugh a lot
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Sally Orman-Hales (before)
After Sally Orman-Hales (after)

In March 2017 I walked through the doors of Vision Bondi Junction in the hope this would be a permanent solution to my weight problem. I was sick of feeling fat, sad and tired with not enough energy to do anything. My friend Angelica had lost a lot of weight through Wollongong Vision and she inspired me.

At Vision I met my trainer John Daly and he showed me how to train properly to work specific muscles to tone the body. 
Over time I came to understand what was in food and how to choose foods that had the right amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat that would fit into my macros.
I have now lost over 20 kilos and don't recognize myself in the old photos. 
I have a more positive view of life which involves training, eating properly and taking care of myself which is a change for me because I always put the needs of others before my own.
The positive view of life translates into work a lot, I see colleagues I haven't seen in a while and after they say hello the first thing they tell me is that I'm looking good. It's a great way to start any conversation.
At Vision I've made a lot of new friends, it's great being with positive people who support each other. I also have a new wardrobe and a stylist and a new outlook on life. 
"People now refer to me as small and tiny" and it makes me laugh a lot.

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