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Rudolf Steinlein

Rudolf completely changed his quality of life!
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Client from Bangor

Before Rudolf Steinlein (before)
After Rudolf Steinlein (after)

My Vision Bangor journey started in December 2015. I achieved my weight loss goal of 22 kg. From 2017 - end 2018, I was unable to train due to a shoulder injury.  Chris devised a rehabilitation program and after recovery I set a goal to run the Half Marathon on the Gold Coast. We set training goals including the City 2 Surf where I injured my leg and could not train for several months. By February 2020, I was back to full training.

While in lockdown, I achieved my second weight loss goal which was reaching my 15kgs lost milestone. I achieved 5kgs of this through Online Personal Training at home.
The marathon event has been cancelled but we didn't let that stop me, I committed to the run, continued to train every week and instead I will complete this locally myself in the coming months.
I achieved my goal of staying fit, healthy and active during COVID and will continue to do so moving forward and I am proud of that achievement.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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