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Richard Wingfield

Speeding up at age 69!
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Client from Takapuna

Before Richard Wingfield (before)
After Richard Wingfield (after)

What's the old saying? "What a difference a day makes!!". In my case it was a little longer but oh the result!


I was at the point of carrying too much weight, not having sufficient energy, being tired when I shouldn't be, I had thoughts that if I dropped around 10kg to say 75kg then I would be back to where I was many years before, I figured I would have the same energy. I have to say that the thought process was more one of procrastination. THe Vision Personal Training flyer came in our letterbox, I gave them a call, explained to Ben what he had no doubt heard many times before. Having set some goals, I  enrolled in the initial 9 week programme. Sophie then took charge and this "pocket rocket" inspired me in the 3 sessions per week for the last 8 months. The result? Well, I achieved the 10kg goal and my weight is now even lower.  It only took a little discipline!

Equally important to me is that I have dropped weight in the areas where I needed to, I feel so energised, sleep better and all that goes with it. This has inspired our daughter, who unfortunately lives in Europe and cannot access a Vision Personal Training Studio, to undertake a similar programme and she too is reaping the benefits.

So thankyou to Vision Personal Training and thankyou to Sophie.

Is there any downside? Only one which gives me great pleasure, that is replacing the clothes in my wardrobe!

Lastly what makes it all very worthwhile was at the age of 69 years being paid the ultimate compliment by my Personal Trainer, I have the biological body of a 50 year old!!

Vision is appropriately named!!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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