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Reuban Van Werkum

Ran a half-marathon and the City2Surf
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Client from Ponsonby

Before Reuban Van werkum (before)
After Reuban Van werkum (after)

"I joined Vision Darlinghurst after 4 years in a very busy office job. The combination of long work hours and sitting at a desk all day - and a real lack of exercise and consciousness of good nutrition - resulted in my weight ballooning out to over 90kg. I wasn't even aware I wanted to join a PT studio until I walked past Vision Darlinghurst and decided to give it a chance one day. It turned out it was exactly what I needed as a change to the boredom of going (or not going) to the larger more-faceless gyms. I was paired up with Josh Pywell as my trainer which proved to be a great match. Josh's enthusiasm, positive attitude, commitment, willingness to constantly challenge me and his belief in my improvement, have been so important to me achieving results.

Since I have joined Vision I have run a half-marathon, the City2Surf, and participated in a number of outdoor adventure races and other sporting events, all encouraged by Vision. I am intending on running the Melbourne and Auckland marathons in the coming months. I have also managed to re-find my old rugby skills, which have never been better as a result of increased strength, speed and fitness. My general health and energy levels have also increased as a result of better nutrition and nutritional knowledge, but without having to drastically change what I eat.

I would encourage anyone, not just overweight people, to join Vision Darlinghurst if you want to see real results in any number of areas in fitness, strength or nutrition.  One of the strongest things about Vision is their dual focus and knowledge on nutrition and exercise as complementary to each other. The studio has a great positive atmosphere and a real small community feel - everybody knows everybody, from the trainers to the clients of the studio.  This makes exercising there a really enjoyable daily experience for me rather than a chore, which is great."

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