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Alfie Harwanto

6kg lost
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Client from Ponsonby

Before Alfie Harwanto (before)
After Alfie Harwanto (after)

I walked through the doors of Vision Personal Training Ponsonby in January 2015. I decided to join because I wanted to stay healthy and have more energy for my daily activities.

What I like about Vision Ponsonby is that they tailored my training programme to ensure that I would reach my goal and also designed my nutrition/meal plan to get me the best result.

I enjoy the group training sessions, they have boxing, xtreme marines, x-training, bottom line - all of which made me realise that exercise is fun! These sessions were a good way to be challenged. 

One event at Vision that really helped me achieve my goal was the nutrition seminar. I learned a lot from it. I know now that nutrition contributes to about 70% of my result. In the past, I ate anything I wanted, mostly junk food and deep fried foods because it was simple and cheap. The biggest change in my mindset has been, in the past I mostly ate what I want to eat  rather than what I needed to eat.


Since I joined Vision Ponsonby my eating habits have changed into what I need to eat - I feel a big difference in my body, I have more stamina, endurance, and I am much more healthy overall.


I'm really grateful and I appreciate all the support from the whole team they helped me achieve my result and goal. A special thanks to my Personal Trainer Jono, who has been helping and supporting me in my every training session since I began! He never gives up on me and thanks to him I passed fitness tests for NZ ARMY.

Thank you so much TEAM VISION PONSONBY!!!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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