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Renee Brewer

Lost over 30kgs
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Client from Brookvale

Before Renee Brewer (before)
After Renee Brewer (after)

Before starting at Vison Personal Training, I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and not setting a good example for my 2 children. I would eat fast foods, junk foods and food that were not good for me and did little to no exercise at all. I had tried every diet you could think of over a period of 13 years and nothing ever worked for me.

I decided to Join Vision as my mum and Sister were members and saw that they were losing weight, so I thought if they could do it so could I. At my first session I was extremely nervous to get on the scales as I had not weighed myself in over 3 years. I was mortified to see that I had tipped the scales at 101kgs.

It was then I was determined to never see that number again when standing on the scales. I had 2 sessions a week with my Trainer, Ivan Valcarcel, one doing Cardio and the other session doing weights. At first I dreaded my cardio sessions as I was so unfit, however after the first month at Vision I looked forward to it. I also went along to Group training sessions which were a great workout and always had a great atmosphere. After the first 9 weeks and losing 9.8 kgs I was definitely heading in the right direction. I made going to the Studio apart of my daily routine, whether it was for a PT session, Group Training session or for my own personal workout. I could feel I was getting fitter and healthier and I liked that feeling. After losing 20kgs I was down 3 dress sizes and couldn't believe that I was able to go into any shop and buy whatever I wanted because it actually fit me now.

In just under 10 months I have now lost a total of 30kgs and I honestly feel like a different person. Losing all this weight has changed my life for ever and I couldn't have done it without the ongoing support & encouragement from my trainer Ivan , the team at Vision, friends and family. It has been a life changing Journey and I will never be going back to what I was.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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