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Gina Gainsford

has lost 15kg
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Client from Brookvale

Before Gina Gainsford (before)
After Gina Gainsford (after)

I was overweight and unfit which was impacting on my health, self-esteem and lifestyle. The fad diets didn't work and at other gyms I was just a number. I do get the best results when I am held accountable, so it made sense when a friend suggested I go to Vision and work with a Personal Trainer. I am so grateful to Ivan who has been such a great support to me. Ivan has taught me about nutrition and motivated me to eat well. He has also guided me on how to exercise effectively and ensured I am taught the correct technique. In addition to PT, I love being able to attend group training sessions or just do my own training in the studio. I recently achieved my goal weight. I am feeling fit and healthy and I actually love exercising now! I now have an excuse to go and buy a new summer wardrobe!! I am so motivated to keep improving on my fitness and my goal is to run a half marathon!

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