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Rebecca Quinn

My fitness has improved leaps and bounds, and so has my strength!
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Client from Prahran

Rebecca Quinn (after)
  • Tell me about your life before Vision? 

Over the last few years I had gradually stopped exercising and was indulging in far too much of the wrong food, far too often. I had let a whole lot of excuses build up and get in my way - moving cities, renovating my house, injuries, work travel etc. The next thing I knew I had put on almost 20kg over 2 years and was eating out more often than I was cooking for myself. After the break-down of my long-term relationship I decided enough was enough. I very slowly lost 8kg by myself but hit a wall, was not enjoying exercise and was struggling to motivate myself, and so I joined Vision Prahran.

  • What results have you achieved?

In my first 9 weeks I lost 5.6kg, 4% body fat, 7cm from my waist and I'm down 2 clothes sizes. My fitness has improved leaps and bounds, and so has my strength. I was only able to run 3-4km without needing to stop and walk, and last weekend I just ran 15km in City 2 Sea and felt like I could have kept running!

  • How has life changed for you?

The biggest things for me are that I feel like a lot of the self-confidence I had lost is now coming back, and I feel like I've regained control of my life, which all in all just means I'm feeling much happier. I'm also back to exercising because I love it and no longer feel like I'm forcing myself to eat healthy food - I still like to eat out and have a glass of wine, but I'll do that once a week now instead of every day!

  • What is your favourite thing about training at Vision?

I love the community atmosphere at the Vision Studio, it doesn't feel like a big faceless gym, I genuinely love turning up because of the Trainers and everyone else who trains there. I love the variety of classes available on top of the PT sessions - I look forward to boxing, cross training and Run Club every week! Luke has been amazing as my trainer, he's pushed me to up my weights when I thought I was at my limits and I am so much stronger now because of it.

  • What are some defining moments during you're journey?

Running City 2 Sea for me was so satisfying because I love running and had almost given up on being able to get back into it - my goal for the first 9 weeks was to hopefully be able to run 10km and I was doubtful I'd get there, but I ran 15km with ease. I now have my sights set on a half marathon in the near future.

  • What advice would you give someone in a similar situation to where you were, and thinking about making a change?

It's so easy to convince yourself that you don't have time to get to a gym, that you'll be able to lose weight on your own, that you'll start next week... but at the end of the day you'll probably still being telling yourselves those same things a year from now! A Personal Trainer helps give you a clear path and goals, pushes you more than you'll be able to push yourself, and you can start wherever you're comfortable and work your way up as your fitness improves. 





*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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