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Peter Caleo

Over 15 Kilograms
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Client from Bangor

Before Peter Caleo (before)
After Peter Caleo (after)

Before starting at Vision, I had continued to tell myself I was going to lose weight and I was going to be good and eat better, that would last for a few days then it would be the weekend or an event would come along and the little work that had been done was quickly undone.


Having a designated session time, my Trainer waiting at the Studio for me ready to help me achieve my targets was the best thing I could have done to kick start my weight loss journey. Achieving my or exceeding my weekly targets was a great feeling and made me want to try harder the following week.


Continued support from my Trainer to track my food and meet my training goals has helped me transform my poor eating habits into healthy food choices and allowed me to feel comfortable in my clothes again.


Compliments from family and friends has given me more confidence and motivated me to continue with my goal of becoming a healthier person.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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