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Paul Aynscough

Triathlon & 7kgs Down
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Client from Prahran

Paul Aynscough (after)

Tell me about your life before Vision?

Before I joined Vision my drive was all about relaxing on the couch during down time (which was a lot) and partying when I wasn't working. I'd suck my stomach in while looking into the mirror and convinced myself that that was what other people I saw.

 I always wanted to get in shape but told myself that I didn't need to pay for it, that walking to the station every day was plenty. Then over the past summer I took it too far. Multiple glasses of wine every night. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

It was two days into 2018 when I found myself in front of my doctor. Something I thought was just a cold turned out to be a level of toxicity in my liver so high she almost sent me straight to the Alfred. I had to stop consuming anything toxic drinking for a month. That was anything from the obvious alcohol to Panadol, Berocca and even coffee. I did what I was told. The scare passed, but the lesson wasn't lost. My weight was starting to blow out, I had no energy, I wasn't happy and I knew why. I wasn't showing myself respect.


What results have you achieved and what are some defining moments during your journey?

It's only been a little over two months but so much has changed. I've lost over 7kgs and improved my fitness and aesthetic to a point I'm sure I've never achieved in my 28 years.

As a part of my short-term goal my trainer Youssef seemed confident that I'd be able to complete a triathlon. He seemed confident, so I jumped at the challenge. Once I found out he'd never done one himself I had a moment of panic. The thing about that, however, is he turned around and said he'd do it with me. There was no backing out. So, I did it and I smashed it. Surprising not only my friends and family - who knew me as a party boy, lounge lizard who consumes two large bags of potato chips over the course of a single film - but, more importantly, I also surprised myself.


How has life changed for you?

I've always valued myself. I know my worth. But even then, my confidence has reached all-time highs. I don't constantly look at my reflection and criticise my body in a negative way. No sucking it in to lazily placate my insecurities. Now, I look at the improvements.


What is your favourite thing about training at Vision?

 The best thing about Vision is the team. They understand the psychology behind what it takes to motivate people. To help us all get past our own mental barriers. It starts off with a disarming welcome, from everyone as soon as you walk into the studio. To be honest I was a bit thrown by it. But now, I love it.


What advice would I give to someone in a similar situation to where I was?

 It's ok. There's always improvements we can make to ourselves. No shame in that.
Go in hard and fast. Take every class. Ride your bike to work, the gym, wherever, just do it every day (within reason; you also want a life). Make it your routine.

 I know myself; if I treat it as a chore, one that I should make time for, travel to and endure. It won't be long until I fall back.

So, I committed. And with all the hard work in only 10 weeks I have visible results. No amount of pep talks, diet shakes and motivational meme's can propel you more than seeing the rewards of your hard work. I don't regret a thing. Every week I'm the best version of myself.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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