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Patrick Koutsoukis

"I've been given a life changing opportunity"
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Patrick Koutsoukis (before)
After Patrick Koutsoukis (after)

From finishing high school I always had an aspiration of becoming a personal trainer. Upon completing my sports and exercise science degree at university I immediately wanted to get out into the working field. Unfortunately during this time I had dislocated my thumb and the ligaments had been completely torn from the bone, resulting in no physical activity for three months. During this period my nutrition went completely out the window and I felt lethargic and immediately started to lose muscle and gain fat. As soon as the three month period was over I applied to get a job at Vision Bondi. What put Vision a top of the rest was the fact that they had a nine week mentor program which would enable me to learn and gain experience to become the best trainer I can. Not only that, but it advertised that it would also put me on a nine week program to achieve my desired weight loss goals. This was a huge draw card as I was embarrassed about my physical appearance at the time and felt uncomfortable taking my shirt off in public. When starting this training program I had no idea exactly how much support Vision offers its clients. I used the food and exercise diary which was specialised to me and my own personal goals, keeping me motivated and helping me keep track my progress. The support I got from not only the trainers but also the other clients was phenomenal and made it a really enjoyable process. I was looking forward to all the group classes and PT sessions. In the 9 weeks I was able to lose 6.7kgs and have never felt better. I was never able to run for long distances and now I'm running 10km. Not only did I achieve my physical goals, I love my new role as a trainer and have met many amazing people. So thank you Vision Bondi for giving me this life changing opportunity.

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