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Pam O

I couldn’t be happier with my transformation!
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Client from Pyrmont

Before Pam O (before)
After Pam O (after)

I joined Vision Personal Training Pyrmont in January 2015, and the first thing worth mentioning is the fact that I have always left the Studio feeling positive and enthused; it may well have something to do with the endorphins running rampant in my body, but even since my initial first days, the positive vibe was apparent and I immediately felt that the (once-daunting) notion of transitioning into a serious fitness regime and on the road to self-improvement was completely achievable.

I have no doubt that all the positive energy comes down to the people involved; the Vision Pyrmont team are absolutely next level! They are fit, educated and passionate professionals, who totally practice what they preach. There is a great sense of community within the Studio and the constant motivation and support you receive from both the trainers and fellow clients made every bit of difference to my progress.

My Personal Trainer has been a wonderful guiding force in my journey. He is always optimistic and energetic and has encouraged me both physically and mentally. Most importantly he's kept me inspired and believing in myself every step of the way. Consequently, I've got great results and I am now positively committed to my journey towards better health, fitness, and wellness, and it's been working for me in a way unlike any other attempt before now.

I couldn't be happier with my transformation and progress in the past 6 months!


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