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Nikki Butcher

I have lost 10kg and I also have become a regular runner.
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Client from Bangor | Trainer: Harry Bendtsen

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Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with my weight although I have continually exercised and have enjoyed working out. I’ve also been frustrated along my journey because I absolutely dreaded meal tracking and prepping. This is particularly difficult as I travel for work and could be away for days making preparation exhausting. So, to successfully achieve my goals I had to reset my thoughts and change.

The turning point came for me during the latest Covid lockdown. I was stood-down from my job and there was a challenge at Vision. The challenge was about accountability. My PT, Harry, encouraged me to join the challenge. We discussed it several times before I committed, “Why not” I eventually said, “I have the time”. Harry did not put any pressure on me and this allowed me to focus on my goal setting. Initially, my discussions with Harry had exposed the reasons why I disliked attending challenges. I was afraid of failing. It was important to me that my goal was achievable and I could succeed. My personal goal was very simple, to train consistently and to meal track. I did want to lose weight however I believed without focusing on weight loss and being consistent with the challenge the result should be a drop in overall weight.

When I had a personal training session, I made it a habit to be there thirty minutes early or stay back thirty minutes to do a longer workout. Harry’s outdoor training was located at the running track. I decided to include running before or after my personal training. It was not important to me how far or fast I ran but as long as I did something. When I did start to weigh my food, I discovered that I was giving myself generous food proportions. So, tracking became very important. I explored my food options too. I know that chocolate helps me relax and provided I track the macros I could include it in my food occasionally. I found out that I don’t need to eat 100g of full cream yoghurt, 50g is enough and I still have a generous amount of fat macros left to enjoy other food choices.

The challenge has made me more mindful of what I eat. I used to snack on cheese. I never noticed how much fat I ate. My meal sizes have decreased now and I think my stomach has shrunk too! Due to Covid and my stand-down I had to move back home. My parents were participating in the challenge so this allowed us to support each other. We all decided to do “Dry July” to increase our chances of being successful. A goal in the challenge was to read a motivational book. I chose “Zero Negativity” by Ant Middleton. I really enjoyed this book and I felt inspired and positive about becoming the best person I can be. The book also made me realise that I do already have healthy habits, I do push myself and I do work hard to achieve my goals. I have learnt to congratulate myself and recognise I am doing a great job.

As a result, I have lost 10kg. I also have become a regular runner. Since then, I have also read other inspirational books. I feel healthier, I have a positive mind set. I still have the occasional negative thoughts but now I have developed optimistic views to suppress the negative thoughts. I’m building more and more confidence each day thanks to Vision Bangor and my PT, Harry. Harry has constantly been supportive, guiding and encouraging me throughout this challenge and making me the best person I can be.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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