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Nicole Lamerton

Hit Goal Weight & 10km Run PB!
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Client from Frenchs Forest


I started with Vision after a 10 year hiatus from exercise to focus on my son, work and studies. Having previously been a keen runner and lover of sports, I wanted to lose the last of my post baby weight, tone up again, get back into a bikini and generally feel better internally and externally. During my time with Vision I have been able to reach all my health and fitness goals that I set out to do. I was then able to challenge myself to dream and set new goals for myself. I not only reached my goal weight, dropping those last tough kg's but I also feel fitter, stronger and overall healthier. I have built up my running again, hitting a PB distance of 10km and then hitting a 10km PB time of under 50min! This year I really want to challenge and motivate myself, so have set a goal to complete 12 fitness events in 2023.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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