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Neil Jackson

I have faced great personal hurdles!
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Client from Bangor

Before Neil Jackson (before)
After Neil Jackson (after)

Before starting at Vision I used to put my thumb over my face in group photographs. I also had little idea about the importance of eating the correct diet.

My wife Maree encouraged me join Vision, saying that being physically fit always made me a lot happier. How right she was!

The past year has seen me lose over 32 kilograms. There has been all the necessary new clothes; a passion for exercise, especially jogging; and an appropriate approach to nutrition with a surprisingly diligent regular recordings in my Vision food memo.

I have faced great personal hurdles in the past year, particularly with the loss of my life partner and the challenge of now being a single parent of three children. Those challenges have been so much easier in being so physically and mentally healthy.

Thank you so much Maree for your encouragement, I know you are still looking after me.

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